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Gunpla - #19 - Nissin Cup Noodle Gunpla Limited 2013 (1/380 scale) Review

I just could not help myself from buying them. Not really because I like to eat the noodles, but I just wanted to know what kind of special kits included with the packages. Damn you curiosity !!

Anyway, these kits are limited. I don't know how long they will be available in the market. And since I 'm still on my business visit in Japan until the beginning of June, I decided to bought all of them. There are three kinds of them, RX-78-2 Gundam (yellow), Char's Gelgoog (red) and Zaku (green). I bought them at 7 Eleven with the price of 578 yen for each noodle cup. By buying these noodles, I also got three special coupons for door prize. I had no idea what kind of door prize it was (because the waiter spoke in Japanese), but I got two bottles of coffee and mineral water from it.

Bonus drinks !!
Are these gunplas 'worthy' enough to be one of your collection ? Well, to make it short, I will combine the review for all of them in this post.

1. RX-78-2 Gundam

The package contains 4 runners with 1 manual. All of the runners are clear ones, and well ... so tiny. 

The building process was easy. I could finish it within 10 minutes. Because the runners are so tiny, you just have to be careful while removing the parts from them. Anyway, here's the special thing about these kits :

A special runner for kettle ! You also got a beam rifle and a shield as accessories. And .. here's the complete model:

Completed model with beam rifle.
Completed model with ... mmm .. a kettle
You could switch the beam rifle with the kettle. Yes, the kettle. The gundam wants to eat noodle. LOL.
Articulation wise, just not hoping too much for this kit. Almost no articulation other than swinging the hands and feet forward and backward, or turning the head left or right.

2. Char's Gelgoog

Next. The red comet's Gelgoog. Same as its 'brother', this kit contains 4 runners and 1 manual.

The building process was also easy. The special thing *other than the freaking kettle* is, you'll got more accessories with this kit. There are a shield, a twin beam sword and a rifle. And here's the complete model :

Completed model with the twin beam sword

Completed model with the beam rifle

Completed model with the kettle.

3. Zaku

And finally, the good ol' Zaku. Same as the others, it contains 4 clear runners and 1 manual. 

Compared to his brothers, the Zaku only given 1 accessory other than kettle; the heat axe. The shield's been actually fused with the right arm. And here's the complete model:

Completed model with the heat axe.

Completed model with the kettle.


These kits are 1/380 model, thus they are tinier than your thumb. Standing together, the Gelgoog is the biggest among them, followed by Gundam and Zaku.

Here's the size comparison with my 1/100 MG Duel Gundam.

Final toughts :

Despite their tiny size and articulation problems, well, these kits are limited models. Unless you're a gunpla fan, limited model collector or just hungry person (LOL), I suppose you could skip buying them. In my opinion, the price is a little expensive for a tiny gunpla, especially when you're not a noodle eater, and just look after the kit itself. You could buy a normal HG kit with cheaper price than buying all three of these limited model. Well ... if you truly want to collect them, just pick only one. I would choose Gelgoog, because it's the biggest and has more accessories than others.

However, that's my opinion. The choices are yours :-)

Other pictures :


Nissin Cup Noodle Gunpla Limited 2013 RX-78-2 Gundam, Char's Gelgood and Zaku

Pros :

  • Well .. they are limited models.
  • Nice clear parts.
  • The freakin' kettle (LOL)
Cons :
  • Very very very tiny kit and too few accessories.
  • Articulation ? Forget it.
  • Quite expensive for a tiny kit.

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