Monday, May 6, 2013

Gunpla - #17 - HG GN Sword IV Full Saber Review

Just bought it from an online shop, and as one of rare kits (it came together with Hobby Magazine, I don't remember which issue), I was so satisfied to get this. GN Sword IV Full Saber is originally an add-on for HG 1/144 00 Quanta, the successor of 00 Gundam. However, I was curious to utilize the giant sword with my 00 Seven Sword (00SS). My 00SS was originally upgraded with 0 Raiser, hence, why not upgraded it once more with this sword ?

There are only 2 runners inside the box, the blue parts and a clear green parts. The construction was actually easy. However, because there were no manuals inside, you should at least use internet to find it. Finally, I found the manual, but the instructions was not explained well as the normal kit manual. This caused several issues while building the sword. I accidentally broke one of three smaller clear blades of the sword, because I did not fully understand some chinese instructions in the manual. Luckily, I could still glue it. And here is the result :

00 Raiser + 9 Swords

00 is just awesome. Endless upgrade, excellent stability. I wonder, what it will be look like when I combine it with XN-Raiser. Just wait and see ... :-D

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