Thursday, February 22, 2018

Research Note #9 - Useful Linux Commands for Works

Note: This list could be updated anytime.
Latest update: Feb 22, 2018

1. Show, set and unset the environment variables

$ env (bash)
$ setenv (tcsh, csh)

$ export test=something (bash)
$ setenv test something (tcsh, csh)

$ unset test (bash)
$ unsetenv test (tcsh, csh)

2. Module operation for environment variables

$ module avail (show all available module)
$ module list (show loaded module)

$ module load moduleA (load moduleA into environment variables)
$ module purge moduleA (purge/unload moduleA from environment variables)

3. Run configuration script (bash)

$ . ~/.bashrc

4. Show the type of current active shell

$ echo $0

5. System information (cpu, machine, architecture, distribution)

$ lscpu (shows cpu/socket, cores, threads \ total cpu = sockets x cores x threads)
$ uname -r (shows kernel version)
$ uname -m or uname -arch (shows whether linux is 32-bit or 64-bit)
$ lsb_release -a (shows distribution release name)

6. Renaming wrfout files from UPP with 1 or 2 digits f hour into 3 digits f hour (bash)

$ for f in WRFPRS_d01.[0-9]*; do mv $f `printf WRFPRS_d01.%03d $((10#${f#WRFPRS_d01.}))`; done

7. Counting number of files in a directory from ls command 

$ ls -1 | wc -l

8. Checking memory use

$ top
$ free -mts 10 (shows the current total memory in megabytes, updated every 10 seconds)

9. Suspending a running program, then run it in background or foreground

$ jobs  (showing all jobs, indicated with number in square brackets)
$ bg %1(run job 1 in background)
$ fg %1 (run job 1 in foreground)
$ ./wrf.exe & (run wrf.exe in background)

10. Screen for multisession ssh-connection
$ screen (Open new screen session)
$ ctrl-a (Shows control command)
$ ctrl-a c (Open new screen window)
$ ctrl-a d (Detach screen window)
$ ctrl-a n (Move to next screen window)
$ ctrl-a p (Move to previous screen window)
$ exit (Exit current screen session)
$ screen -r (Retrieve any running screen session)

11. Making GIF animation with ImageMagick
$ convert -delay 25 -loop 0 *.png contoh.gif (makes a contoh.gif from all png file in current directory with infinite loop and 0.25s delay/frame)

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Gunpla #33 - HGGO Gundam Local Type (Rollout Color) Review

I have a bunch of kits from Gundam The Origin series, but this is the first one I've officially built. When Bandai announced the first Gundam Local Type (the white-blue one) I was thinking like "Oh, the first gundam of the series, I will buy it", but the hefty price held me up from grabbing the kit, and now, I could say that I've never regretted that decision.

Like a common P-Bandai kit, Gundam Local Type (rollout color) is basically a recolor of Gundam Local Type North American type which was released as retail kit. No new molds added whatsoever with the only difference on the marking sticker. It's a little bit expensive than the retail version though. The only reason I chose the P-Bandai version was because of its color. I thought the yellow color scheme stands out more as it reveals the panel lines which were hindered by the black of retail version. I also like the "Heavy-equipment" and "Test-type" color theme as it looks much more of a prototype mobile suit. Moreover, the yellow gundam is rare, isn't it?

As it was my first Gundam kit from the Origin series, I could not compare it directly with the other HGGO Gundams. Anyway, because they share the same molds, I think the articulation is pretty much the same with its retail counterparts, which I found very good as it could do some nice poses. This was also the first build which I tried to customize by trimming the v-fin and cutting the front skirt in half.

I really like this kit, especially the accessories. It came with shoulder canon, machine gun, shield, 3 beam saber hilts, 2 beam saber effects. Unfortunately, there's only 1 extra hand for holding the machine gun. Anyway, Bandai provides us with 2 connectors to attach either machine gun or shield at the backpack. Since it shares some molds with the normal gundam local type, we also get the backpack from the previous release and spare parts for the chest vent. The marking stickers is also nice and blending better than the retail one. The only complaint I have was the ankle armors which were not movable as it molded in one with the leg parts. I also omitted the horizontal stickers for the arms and thighs as I thought they are giving too much retro feels to the kit. 

The conclusion is, this kit is very nice. Indeed, it's not the best out of the Origin series, but in terms of color scheme and marking sticker, I personally think it's definitely better than the American type version.  


RX-78-01 [N] Gundam Local Type (Rollout color)

  • Cool color schemes
  • Nice accessories and marking seals 
  • Good articulation
  • Lack of extra hands
  • Unmovable ankle armor