Monday, December 26, 2016

Gunpla #29 - RG Gundam Mk-II AEUG Review

Gundam Mk-II AEUG version from Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam is the third RG kit I had. I like this version better than the Titan counterpart due to the more distinct color separation, despite lacking option parts of its counterpart. RG Gundam Mk-II kit is probably the best RG I've ever built. It excels on details, colors, articulation and accessories. Furthermore, it's a solid kit, not fragile as other RG kits in general.   

The building of this kit is fun. You'll start the assembling from its inner frame before putting the outer armor parts. The feet are so sexy with slightly exposed inner frame and protruding "hosts" behind the knees. Looking from the back, you will realize that Mk-II has one the best backpacks in the gundam history. The detail is so amazing, the color separation looks beautiful, yet not too much exaggerating as gundams from SEED or Wing series. The kit's articulation is also fantastic. The joints is so solid, thus making cool pose an easy task. I should even remind myself that it's a RG kit that I'm posing.

There are bunch of accessories come with this kit. You'll get a beam rifle (with nice color separation) and extra bullet packs, a hyper bazooka (with two extra clips), a variable shield which could host the extra bullet packs, two beam sabers, a vulcan pod and Kamille Bidan figurine. Other than two RG hands, you'll get two closed hands and one open hand. The decal stickers, as much as other typical RGs, it's also blend well with the color of the kit (it's one reason I choose AEUG version than Titan version).

So here's the verdict: RG Mk-II, either the AEUG or Titan version, is probably one of the best RGs ever released by Bandai. I recommend you to buy this kit over the HG (original or revive) Mk-II, because the price is not so much different. If you want more accessories, choose the Titan version since it provide extra test part options. But if you prefer lighter and better color separation, go with the AEUG version.    


RX-178 Gundam Mk-II

  • Highly detailed kit with fantastic color separation.
  • Highly articulated and solid joints.
  • Lots of accessories
  • Lacks the test part options of Titan version

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Gunpla #28 - HGUC Zeta Plus C1 Review

Finally, my very first P-Bandai kit. I always love the Zeta Plus C1 (ZPC1) design since long time ago, but never get interested enough to get the MG version since it was quite old, too big and poorly articulated (based on several reviews). Hence, when Bandai finally announced that ZPC1 will be released in HGUC as a P-Bandai in November, I hastily started to hunt it on many online stores. After a week of searching, I finally got one from a well-known shop in Fukuoka.

The box contains 14 runners in total. 11 of them are obviously the runners of HGUC Zeta Plus A1 (Unicorn version), which some of them are partially modified (eg. no rifle runners), and the remaining 3 runners (G1, G2 and H) are special for this kit.  The foil sticker is almost similar, with the blue eyes, lenses and cameras replacing the reds of the normal release. The transparent decal sticker sheet includes two options for unit 02 and 03 of ZPC1. I found it's quite funny that the special manual for ZPC1 includes English translation, while the kit itself is an online exclusive released only in Japan.

OK. Now, let's talk about the building process. I should admit that this is one of the funnest builds I've ever experienced, which probably because it's my first P-Bandai kit. It's actually no different with other normal HG kits, but we should follow two manuals instead of one, and since it's a limited kit, I tried to build much more carefully than usual, especially for the special parts.

ZPC1 is actually a variant of ZPA1, hence you can expect some similarities between those machines. ZPC1 though, has different crotch part. The color of vents at the back of its legs is grey instead of white. The eyes, lens and cameras of ZPC1 are blue instead of red. Furthermore, ZPC1 has four additional thrusters at the back pack and four extra propellant tanks attached on the wings. Finally, ZPC1 utilizes a beam smart gun instead of ordinary beam rifle, and equipped with a coaxial disc radome for long-range attack. Storyline wise, ZPC1 is specifically designed for long-range space combat compared to ZPA1 which is primarily designed to operate in the Earth atmosphere.

In spite of the bulky builds and equipped with a massive beam smart gun, the articulation of this kit is surprisingly good. The arms and legs could be moved quite freely for many poses. The kit could even be able to kneel! However, the hip beam cannons sometimes clashed with the back skirts for more dynamic poses. It's also difficult to have the neck and waist turn to left or right.

Similar to ZPA1, this kit also equipped with two beam sabers (with two hilts) and there's trigger right hand from ZPA1 as well. Furthermore, there are some spare parts available of the crotch, beam cannons, leg vents and shield unit of ZPA1. Not bad :-)

The stickers and foils are really good and blend well with the kit, especially for the disc radome.

If we talk about Zeta Plus, of course, we should not forget about the wave rider mode. And how should I describe the wave rider mode of ZPC1? Only one word:


The transformation (read: partsformation) of ZPC1 is almost similar with ZPA1. I like it better than delta plus since we only need to swap 3 parts for making the wave rider mode.

Now the conclusion.

Is the kit good? Absolutely.  Nice details, cool color scheme, good articulation, and badass wave rider mode. This is by far one of the best HG kits I've ever had.

Then, should you buy this kit?? Yes .... and No!

OK. I should be honest, this kit is ridiculously expensive! For a partsformer HG, it costs around 3000 yen (in Japan) and should be more expensive abroad since it's a freaking limited kit. With the same price, you could buy two HG kits, or even a transformable MG ZPC1!!

But, hey, it's an exclusive kit, it's cool and in 1/144 scale, that means, it will look really nice on your desk or for showing-off to your friends. And for a Zeta Plus fan, it's definitely a must buy. Otherwise .. don't waste your money for this kit.

MSZ-006C1 Zeta Plus C1

  • Amazing design, nice detail, cool color schemes
  • Good articulation 
  • Great sticker and foils
  • Contains spare parts for Zeta Plus A1 (normal release) 
  • (Too) Expensive for a partsformer HG