Friday, January 7, 2011

Hidden Plurk Emoticons

Plurk is one kind of social networking media alongside Facebook and Twitter. It may not be so famous or popular as FB or twitter, but some people use it as an alternative for microblogging because Plurk had 'Fun' factor that any other media didn't have. One of these 'fun' factor is emoticons, that you could gain as your Karma rises up. Some emoticons need a certain karma level to be unlock and could be selected from the screen.

Anyway, there are some emoticons that were 'hidden' and could only displayed by typing specific codes. I don't know exactly why the Plurk developers hide these 'rare' emoticons, and i also don't know the minimum karma level the user need to use these emots. I myself have been a Plurk user for almost 2 years and my Karma is over 100 now, so i didn't have any difficulties to access the hidden emots. 

These are some codes for hidden emoticons :

(Русский) : 

(fireworks) : 

(goal) : 

(bzz) :   

(dance_bzz) : 

(code) :  

(banana_gym) : 

(xmas4) : 

(yarr) : 

(no_dance) : 

(dance_yarr) :  

(droid_dance) : 

(dance_okok) :  

(angry_okok) : 

(taser_okok) : 

(code_okok) : 

(music_okok) : 

(wave_okok) : 

(gym_okok) : 

(yarr_okok) :