Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Gunpla #37 - HGUC Efreet Nacht Review

I fell in love with this mobile suit from the first time I saw its promotional poster on internet. I've never known Efreet Nacht since I don't play Battle Field Record 0081, the game which it came from. However, one thing is certain for sure: it's totally cool! Probably one of the coolest Zeon grunt mobile suits, on par with Jesta from Feddies side. Therefore, I couldn't hold myself for a pre-order when Bandai announced it would be released as P-bandai.

It's basically an Efreet (which will be also released as p-bandai), but with a slight twist on the design. It attires much darker color scheme from the original, with additional armors on the shoulders, arms and thighs. Outer sides of the legs also equipped with additional armor and thrusters, while there are more spikes on the shoulder armors. Anyway, the armaments should be the one which differentiate it from other Efreet variants. Instead of twin heat blades or knives, the Nacht is equipped with 4 kunais (or Cold kunais, to be more precised) and one badass Cold Sword. It also has hidden machine gun under the left arm guard. Rather than a samurai equipped with Katana, the Nacht strictly resembles a ninja with its ninja-to, kunais and color scheme.

There's nothing too special for the assembly, except the polycaps. This kit use very few polycaps, which made me quite anxious since HG kits heavily depend on polycaps for their joints articulation. There are no markings and only two sticker comes with this kit, for mono-eye and upper parts of the feet. This kit also lacks hands other than two standard closed hands for holding the weapons. The sword also need to be painted since it just comes with standard grey color (and I don't complain since it's a HG). 

Nevertheless, the finished kit was looked awesome, with slight color separation on some parts of the body. The articulation however, was limited (ironically) because of the extra armors, in particular over the thighs. Also, since it lacks polycaps, the hands were easily popping-out from the arms after being posed several times. I had difficult times to pose it using its two arms without making the hand pops-out.

One more thing I noticed after finished building this kit was the spare parts. Bandai includes some spare parts from the previous Efreet Custom with Nacht. It's nice since we may have options with some parts of the body, however, what irked me the most was, they were not complete. For example, the missile launcher (from Efreet custom) lacks the back side parts, hence we should modify it more (using putty or pla plate) to make the launcher.

The verdict, for a p-bandai, this kit is really cool and worth the money. There are some aspects however, which are the cons of it: lacks of marking, polycaps, accessories and limited articulation. In the end, this is still one of my favorite Zeon suits, and I plan to customize it in the future.


MS-08TX/N Efreet Nacht

  • Cool ninja theme and color separation
  • Nice weapons set
  • Lots of spare parts from Efreet Custom
  • Limited articulation due to extra armors and lacks of polycaps
  • Lacks of marking and extra hands
  • Some of the spare parts are not complete