Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Luna Sea - I For You

This is one of my fav songs, which was performed by Japanese legendary visual-kei band, Luna Sea (they've been disbanded in 2000 emoticon). I've heard the song for the first time in 2004, and actually, it was the first time for me to know about J-Rock songs. Along with Gravity and In Silence, this song is my all time-best j-rock song i've ever heard (and i've been a luna sea fan since that time).

What makes me love this song so much ? When i heard it for the first time, i didn't know the meaning of it. But, the voice of the singer could tell that it was about love and sadness. And finally i've gotten the translation of the lyric from the i-net and so be it. The song was also an original sound track of a japanese drama series starred by Kaneshiro Takeshi (i forgot the dorama title).

Just listen to the song, read the lyric, and you'll know that it's a very very beautiful song emoticon.


Download the Song

Watch the video 

Watch the MV (Kaneshiro Takeshi) 

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Ragnarok Offline ~ Newbie Guide (EN)

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This is an english guide. Kalo mau guide yg bahasa indonesia, klik di sini. Tp blom gw update, soalnya gw sibuk banget hari ini (guide ini bikinnya 5 jam lo).

Last Updated : May 19th 2007 

Actually, this guide was made just for myself because i'm a forgetful person. I hope this guide could be useful in the future, so i could read it anytime if i'm going to make another offline server.

If you're accidentally browsing into this blog and you're an RO fan, i hope the guide will be useful for you too.

Notes :

  • The private server mentioned here is used for my experimental purpose and self amusement only. Please keep in mind that Ragnarok Online (RO) is a licensed game, so do not ever try to make an RO private server for producing money or any kind of profit purposes, because it's ILLEGAL.
  • Everything written in this guide came from own my experience when i made offline RO for the first time. So there could be some differences with any similar offline RO guides out there. The SVN Eathena version was 8343 and the clients (RO/Sakray) version was 0711 when i made this guide. The latest  client version is 0417 and 10453 for SVN EAthena Server.
  • This guide only uses SVN eAthena Server for RO server. I won't answer questions regarding any other server such as Vidar, Aegis etc etc.
  • This guide could be updated anytime
  • Move the mouse above the pictures to see the detail information
  • Some links in this guide will direct you to eAthena Support Board/Forum. You should register to open some forum topics (it's free).

OK, Let's start !

1. The Basics

In fact, there were no major differencies between Ragnarok Online and the offline one. One aspect which separated the two came from the server side. When you're playing RO (online), the RO client would be connected with RO official servers, such as Loki, Chaos, Fenrir or Sakray server. The simple thing is, if you want to play offline, the main thing you should modify is the server itself. So, by modifying the server, instead of connecting to RO official servers, the client will connect to your own RO server. Your own server could be located at any computer or just at your own computer. it will be said 'offline server' if the server was at a single computer which was not connected to any computers or networks.


In order to play "correctly" you should download several things described below :

  • Korean RO Clients (kRO). The clients are one of the main components to play RO. There are two clients, Ragnarok Online Client (ROC) and Ragnarok Sakray Client (RSC). You must download them all. The size of each clients is about 1 GB (2 GB in total size). The latest clients version is ver. 0417. You can download the clients here.
  • EAthena Server. There are two types of server, the stable (SVN) and trunk. The trunk type is usually unstable and used for experimental purpose, so just use the SVN one. The server database system is divided into two types, Text and mySQL. Use the Text database because it's easy to learn for newbies. The latest server version is ver.10453. You can download the server here.
  • Diff and Sakexe files. Sakexe is the main file for loading the game. Diff is the pacther for sakexe. You can simply say this file as the "RO Crack" file. To "crack" the file, you should use Diff patcher utility. You can download the files (Diff and Sakexe) and the utility here. These files are quickly updated, so use the latest version.
  • Translator Pack. Why should we use the translator pack ? Remember, the clients we used are the original korean version. So we need the translator pack for translating the korean words in there. There are 3 files, you must download them all here.
  • Full Data Folder. This is the update for the translated data used in RO. The latest version is Ver.3. Download it here.

Still didn't get what you have to download ? OK (--sigh--), i'll give you the file lists i used before. You can find them within the links above. But remember, the files version could be updated anytime.

  • RO Clients : RAG_SETUP0417.EXE (ROC), SAK_SETUP0417.EXE (RSC)
  • EAthena Server : eAthena-TXT-10453[Stable].RAR
  • Diff/Sakexe files : 2007-04-17a.RAR
  • Diff patcher utility : diffpatcher.RAR
  • Translation pack : v2-BMPs.RAR, v7-Texture.RAR, v444-Text.RAR
  • Full Data : full_data_v3.7z (you'll need 7zipper or winrar to extract this file)


3. Installations
OK, it's time to install all of the stuffs. Actually, the installation process is really easy.

  • Install the all RO clients, the location is up to you, but they must be in the same directory. Install ROC first and then RSC. Oh yeah, because of the korean language, i'll give some screenshots of the clients installation (later...)
kRO Client Installer
  • Extract eathena server pack, the location is up to you.
  • Extract translation pack inside RO installation folder. If you installed RO in C:Program FilesGravityRO, you have to extract the pack inside this folder.
  • Extract everything in full data folder inside the data folder of RO installation directory. (eg : in C:Program FilesGravityROdata). Overwrite everything if you asked to.


4. Patching sakexe file
Now, we'll "crack" sakexe file. In order to do this, we should use diff patcher utility.

  • Extract diff/sakexe file pack in any locations, it's up to you.
  • Extract diff patcher utility pack in any location. Idem.
  • Go to the diff pacther utility folder, run it, then open the diff and sakexe file with this tool.
Open the diff and sakexe file with diff patcher utility
  • After the files have been loaded, you'll see two patch option lists. Ignore these options, choose the output directory for the patched file and press "Write the Patch" button.
Choose your output directory and patch the file
  • Go to the output folder which contains the patched sakexe, copy the file, then paste it in the RO installation folder. (eg: in C:Program FilesGravityRO).
Paste the patched sakexe file in RO installation folder
  • Make a shortcut for the file, and place it on the desktop.


5. Server Setup
OK, this is another easy process. Just follow the instructions and everything will be ok.

  • Go to eathena folder, open conf folder. You'll see some configuration files. There are 4 main configuration files there : char_athena.conf, login_athena.conf, map_athena.conf and grf-files.txt. You'll edit these files with notepad.
4 Main configuration file in conf folder
  • Open char_athena.conf. Find the "Character Server IP" and "Login Server IP" section and remove double slash (\) in front of the char_ip/login_ip/bind_ip comments. If your computer is not connected to any network, just leave the IP address ( If you're in the network/LAN, change the IP address to your current IP. Don't change the port.If you finished, save the file.
Removes double slash in front of ip comments
  • Open login_athena.conf. Find the "bind_ip" section, remove double slash in front of the bind_ip comments. Idem.
Remove double slash in front of ip comments
  • Open map_athena.conf (remember, not maps_athena.conf !). Idem. Find the section contains IP and remove double slash in front of char_ip/bind_ip/map_ip comments.
Remove double slash in front of  ip comments
  • Open grf-files.txt. This file contains the RO grf files path. Change the path if you choose different installation folder. Save it.
Set the grf files path of RO clients
  • Now we can test the server. Go to the main server folder and run the runserver.bat file. There will be 3 pop-up windows : login server, char server and map server window. Keep attenttion to every server window during the loading process. Normal process is written in green colored fonts, and error process is written in red colored fonts.
Servers loading process, pay attention to the status 
  • Watch the loading process of map server. If there are too many errors when it loads maps from grf files, then there should be something wrong with grf-files.txt file. You could have written the wrong path of grf files. The pictures below show some errors during the loading process.
There's something wrong with your clients maps or grf-files.txt file.

One or more servers are not connected. Check the IP setting.
  • The pictures below show the normal process of each servers. One or two errors could be occured but it's OK.
Normal char server process

Log server normal process

Map server normal process


  • If there are not many errors when loading the maps, make sure that other servers are online and ready. If every thing's OK, congratulations ! You've finished the main process.
  • Close all server windows. Make a shortcut for runserver.bat file and place it on the desktop.


6. Modifying sclientinfo file.
Now, just few steps remaining. We'll edit sclientinfo.xml file. This file is used for logging-in to your server.

  • Open RO installation folder. Go to data folder. If you've copy full data into this folder before (look installation section of this guide), you'll see sclientinfo.xml file in there.
Sclientinfo.xml file in data folder
  • Open the file with notepad. Find display tag : <display>YOUR SERVER DISPLAY NAME HERE</display>, and change the phrase between the tags. eg : <display>Ardhi's Private Server</display>.
Edit the display and address tags
  • Find address tag : <address>YOUR IP HERE</address>, and change the phrase between the tags with your IP number. eg : <address></address>. The IP number must be the same as the servers IP number.
  • Save the file.


7. Testing the game and make an account.
OK everything's finished. Now is the time for testing the game.

  • Run all servers with runserver.bat shortcut on the desktop. Wait until all servers finish the loading process.
  • Run the game with patched sakexe shortcut on the desktop.
RO loading screen
  • You should see a login screen now. To make an account, type a username, add underscore sign after it, and type m for male or f for female gender. eg : Username --> ardhi108_m. (username is ardhi108, it's a male account).
Making an account
  • Type your password normally. Then click ok. If everything goes right, you'll se the characters selection window and you can start playing RO.
Succesful ! Now you can play RO, enjoy !!
  • Next time you logging in, just type your username without m or f sign. eg : ardhi108.

Well ... it's not so difficult isn't it ? As long as you follow the step-by-step instructions, everything will be OK. So have a nice play with your new offline server emoticon.

Credits :

  • Gravity for the awesome game.
  • Ricardo (http://www.ricardoea.deltaanime.net/) for your compiled servers and tools
  • Zephiris, -0- and maldiablo for diff files and patcher
  • Poki#3, midas and friends for translator packs
  • Banned for the updated full data
  • All member of EAthena Support Board
  • and finally you, for reading this guide.

Monday, May 7, 2007

RO Ninja Class Review

Haha .... finally, i've finished downloading the latest RO Clients and Athena Server. So i installed them last night and tried all new job class, including Taekwon Boy, Gunslinger and NInja. Of course i've made backups from my previous server before installing the new one. Luckily, there were no serious problem during the setup, except for some NPC scripts. So i just disable these scripts, restore the save data from my previous server and all finished.

Of all the new class, the ninja class was really cool emoticon. What could i say about this class ? Mmm ... it looked like a combination between thief, mage, archer and even rogue and merchant class. Like the thief, ninja could only use dagger class weapons. But there's nothing to worry, ninjas could make their own ninja weapon, and some of them are rare elemental weapons, eg. Gokurin (Shadow-Element), Murasame (Water-Element), Hakujin (Holy-Heal Element) etc.

Lightning Crash, just like mage's thunderstorm skill. 

Ninja could use many things as extra weapons, for example shuriken, kunai, fuuma shuriken and even the zeny (that's actually merchant skill, wasn't it ?). And just like archer class, some of them had to be equipped before used. They also had awesome skill. If you're a run-and-gun attacker type, you'll love them. How about attacking your opponent and then hide right away after the attack ? When you're
in hide condition, you can perform a powerful attack to "backstab" the opponent and then run away again emoticon.

One of the coolest ninja moves, Dragon Fire Formation. Just look at the rising fire dragon ... cool.  

And just like a mage or wizard, ninjas also have some powerful elemental spells. Some of them are offensive moves which will deal great damage to the opponents.

Crimson Fire Formation, a ninja version of wizard's firewall skill. 

Some of the skills are used for defensive purpose, and some of them can reduce status of the opponent. So ninja could easily run away in the dangerous time.

Water Escape Technique, you can run away easily by using this skill  

And of course there are few ultimate skills that could only be used by Ninja class. There are Soul, Illusionary Shadow and Final Strike. Final strike is surely a deadly move. You can deal a huge damage to the opponent by sacrificing almost your entire HP (hey, isn't it just like crusader's Grand Cross ??). After you perform the move, your remaining HP will be 1  emoticon !! What a scary move emoticon !!

Illusionary Shadow, just Bushin no Jutsu technique in Naruto series :lol: 

Owww ... i can't wait to play my ninja char again tonight. Hohooohohohoh ..... emoticon

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

My Faith

I heard this song for the first time in the late march 2007. It was a hard time for me, because of some troubles which sometimes made me frustated. But this song - even though i did not know the real meaning of it - gave me courage to solve them all. It's trully a sweet song emoticon.


My Faith by Day After Tomorrow (DAT)

Lyrics : Misono, Romaji : Cori 

Machi no koe wo kikinagara  tashikameatta
Futari de kaku  azayaka na kioku no PEEJI

Katachi mo nakute  fureru to kiete shimau mono
Dakara kotoshi mo  mata kimi to mitai to negau

Kokoro ni takusan no hi ga tomoru  seinaru yoru nara
Chippoke na  sou kiseki demo okiru kana?

Ai suru kimi no soba ni iru dake de  ima mo towa ni zutto
Mune no oku wa  atatakai hikari de tsutsumareru  My faith

Mitsumeru shisen no saki ni  utsutteru mono
Futari onaji de aru you ni  sotto inotta

Omoide no kakera wo  hitotsu zutsu hiroiatsumetara
Isshun no samishisa sae  kiete yuku

Aenai jikan  sore wa iroiro na kimochi wo sodateru ne
Fuan dake de  ippai ni natte shimau mae ni  My faith

Omoi yo todoke kimi ni  itsumade mo kawaranu manazashi de
Shinjitakute  musubareta kesshou wo

Kisetsu wa meguri  toki wa nagaretemo  kono uta wo tsutaetai
"Kimi wo ai shitsuzuketai"  sore dake ga subete dakara..

Download The Song