Thursday, May 9, 2013

Gunpla - #18 - HGUC Geara Zulu Review

Geara Zulu is the mass productive mobile suit of "The Sleeves" and the descendant of Geara Doga and Zaku. If you look at this kit closely, maybe you'll notice that it resembles German's storm trooper during WWII LOL.

As a grunt suit, while the arsenals are almost same, Geara Zulu looks much slimmer than the previous Geara Doga. It's equipped with 1 beam rifle (resembles AK-47 ?), grenade launcher (integrated to the rifle) sturm faust (looks like bazooka?), extra magazines, hand grenades, beam tomahawk and of course, a shoulder shield. 

As the other Sleeves' type kits, the only complaint came from the stickers. Sooo many stickers. Much more than the previous Zee Zulu. Anyway, I really like the design of Geara Zulu. Somehow, it looks much more menacing than the original Zaku, less than Geara Doga though. The proportion is really good.

Articulation for this kit so-so. Not so good, but not so bad either. It could do several cool poses with the rifle, sturm faust and others. 

The accessories are awesome. I love the beam rifle and hand grenades. However, i think the extra magazines are way too big and make this kit look "awkward". Hence, I usually dismount them for posing purpose. IMHO, Geara Zulu looks better without those magazines.

Overall, Geara Zulu is a very good kit, especially for the Sleeves' grunt suits fan. Personally, in term of originality, color scheme, and accessories, I prefer Zee Zulu design over it. 


AMS - 129 Geara Zulu

  • Great design, descendant of Zaku and Geara Doga
  • Tons of accessories
Cons :
  • Those stickers !!

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