Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Gunpla - #16 - HGUC Unicorn Gundam (Destroy Mode) Review

The last Gundam in my collection. Unicorn was my first HGUC kit from Unicorn series which I bought originally because of its psycho frame. It looks totally cool and unique, compared with any other conventional gundam designs. The "cracks" and bright red psycho frame all over its body just like tell anybody : "Don't mess up with me !" :-D

Despite its complicated looks, the construction itself was actually simple and easy. There are 7 runners inside the box and one foil sticker. The most distinct one is of course, the red clear runner for psycho frame. Oh yeah, there are no runners for beam saber. Why did Bandai exclude the beam saber from this kit ? Actually, HGUC Unicorn was released in two version, Destroy and Unicorn mode, because HG lacks the transformation feature of MG. Hence, there are some parts which will not included, if you buy only one version. Simply speaking, if you want the beam sabers or bazooka for Unicorn, you should also buy the Unicorn mode kit. Smart marketing strategy from Bandai for making money. Anyway, you could still use beam saber's from other UC kits (e.g. Jesta) since they are matched with Unicorn beam sabers hilt. There are totally 4 hilts for Unicorn, 2 on the back and 2 on the arms. 

Even though the construction is easy, you should pay attention to some peg/connection of the runners, because they are quite fragile. I accidentally cut the beam saber holder on Unicorn's backpack. Even though I've finally glued it, I could not use one of the beam saber on the backpack. For accessories, you'll get a beam rifle, an energy pack, a shield and 3 sets of hand. Yes, only 3 hands (2 closed and 1 trigger), quite disappointing. The beam rifle and shield however, are totally cool. They both could be also attached on Unicorn's arms or backpack. 

The articulation of this kit is quite good, even though several parts of the armor are limiting the movement.  The head could move quite high, but somehow looks flimsy in the same time. The best part however comes from its psycho frame. If you put the kit in front of light sources, the psycho frame will look glowing :-)

Well, overall, HGUC Unicorn is a nice kit, even though it lacks the accessories and the ability to transform as its MG counterparts.  Hence, if you want a complete accessories in HG scale, I recommend you to buy also the Unicorn mode of the kit.

RX - 0 Unicorn Gundam

Pros :
  • Great design and details for an HG-class gundam kit
  • Very cool clear psycho frame parts
  • Nice shield and beam rifle
Cons :
  • Lacks accessories, especially for extra hands and beam saber parts
  • Some parts are fragile, especially the front armor skirts, v-fin on the head and backpack.
  • Could not transform, should by the Unicorn mode kit for more playing options and accessories.

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