Sunday, March 10, 2013

Gunpla - #7 - HG 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G Review

The fifth of my collection and ... damn, I love this kit. Not only because of the design, but also the weapons it got. I will go straight here, 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G (007S) probably has the most melee weapons than any other gundams ever had. You'll get two GN beam sabers, one GN sword II long, one GN sword II short, one GN buster sword II, two GN katars, and a GN sword II blaster. Hence, practically 007S has 8 swords in total. And to mention that this is a HG kit, it's just like a treasure if you are short on budget.

007S is basically the same kit with original HG 00, of course with addition of tons of weapons. Hence, this kit will be compatible with the add-ons/weapons from the original 00. 007S could be combined with HG 1/144 0 Raiser to become 00 Raiser Gundam + Seven Sword/G .. and it's awesome ! It's also much cheaper than to buy two 00 kits together IMHO.

The articulation of this kit is superb. 007S's joints is so sturdy as it could support weights from its massive weapons (especially the GN Buster sword), hence provides so many posing option. My complaint come from the hand joints. It seems that the weight of the weapons could makes them loose by time, thus it's better not to replace between open and close palm so often. But the most annoying thing is the sticker for the V-fins. I don't know the reason why Bandai did not paint them instead, but IMHO the sticker is ugly :-/

Overall, 007S is a fantastic kit and one my favorites among Gundam universe. If you don't have 00 kit and want to have the first one, I suggest you to buy this kit because it could be combine with 00 add-ons such as 0 Raiser, as I described on another post. :-)

With GN Sword II Blaster  (Sword Mode)
With GN Sword II Blaster (Rifle Mode)

With GN Buster Sword II (Sword Mode)

With GN Buster Sword II (Shield Mode)

With GN Sword II Long (Sword Mode)

With GN Sword II Long and Short (Sword Mode)

With GN Katars

With GN Beam Sabers

Combine 007S and 0 Raiser ... and you will get THIS !!

GN-0000GNHW/7SG 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G

Pros :
  • Tons of cool weapons FTW
  • Superb articulation for cool poses
  • Compatible with original 00 add-ons
Cons :
  • Ugly sticker for the V-fins. Bah.
  • Weak hand joints and loose GN Sword II Blaster peg
  • No decals, only stickers

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