Thursday, March 7, 2013

Gunpla - #5 - HGUC Ex-S Gundam Review

The sixth member of my gunpla fleets. Tell the truth, I didn't know much about this guy. I saw it for the first time on one of gunpla review website, where the author put the image as the page banner. According to the information i found on the internet, Ex-S Gundam is one of the first designs of the famous Katoki Hajime (Gundam Sentinel Photo Novel). 

As the name implies, Ex-S (sometimes read as : "Excess") stands for "Extraordinary Superior" ... and it's HUGE. This guy is a monster compared with  my other HG kits. As the biggest of my collection, I suppose its size is almost similar with Master Grade kits. If I put Buster side-by-side with Ex-S, then the former's height is still below the later's chest. O_o.

Buster and Ex-S
I like the design, especially for the bulky shoulder and backpack. It is too bad that this kit could not transform as its MG counterparts. The articulation is also so limited because of its bulky armor. Simply speaking, this kit could only stands, without any other poses such as kneeling, crouching, etc. Despite above limitations, at least this HG kit still could stand by its own without an action base, hence you could still put it on the top of your desktop without any problem (MG Ex-S is so heavy as it needs an action base to support the weight).

Another cool thing is the rifle. It looks like a sniper rifle with an "UFO" attached to it. I've never seen such weapon exist LOL. However, the "UFO" disk is a little loose, so I plan to glue it later.

After all, Ex-S is an amazing HG model kit. In spite of the bulky design and some design limitations, it still could stand by its own, but I recommend you to put it on the action base for the better posing options.


MSA - 0011 [Ext] Ex-S Gundam 

Pros :
  • Cool bulky design and nice color scheme.
  • Badass sniper(?) rifle.
  • Able to stand without an action base compared with its MG counterpart.
Cons :
  • Very limited articulation.
  • Could not transform to G-cruiser mode as its MG counterpart.
  • Some parts of the rifle are loose, especially the disk.

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