Thursday, August 3, 2006

Yahoo!Messenger 7.5 and 8.0 Unexpected Quit Bug


Have you ever experienced problems while using YahooMessenger 7.5 or 8.0 ?

I think this is one of some bugs of YahooMessenger (YM) and Yahoo! have to resolve this bug immediately, because it's not only happened in YM 7.5, but also in the newest version, YM 8.0. Fortunately this is not happened in YM 7.0. I've also met this problem when i tried to upgrade YM from version 7.0 into the newer version.

The problem came when i pressed some buttons eg. Status Buttons, Emoticon, Picture or Audibles. It suddenly quit without any confirmations and when i restarted it, YM just give me an annoying dialogbox that it quit unexpectedly and the plugins went in savemode.


It took a while for me but finally i find the troublemaker.

First, try to uninstall/unactivate some YM plugins which is not necessary. Because some of them may have conflicts with another program and cause YM crashed itself.

Second. If it's still doesn't work, just uninstall YM, remove the yahoo folder from program files folder, remove all registry entries related to YM (if you don't sure how to do this, just use some tools like regcleaner to clean the registry) and restart your computer. Then re-install YM again.

Third, this is the troublemaker of my problem, if you've installed third party program which modified windows desktop environtment eg. WindowBlinds or Style XP, change the YM skin into "Classic" or set the third-party program for not customing YM skin, because it may cause conflicts between them. If it doesn't work, just Unload or Quit the third-party program. It's worked for me.

The Last, if the problem still occured, just turn back into YM 7.0. I think this is the most stable version of YM and it took less resources than the newer version.


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