Friday, September 30, 2016

Sky Force Reloaded - Prestige Points, Technicians and Mini-Boss for Stage 12

For complete planes list from previous update : Complete Planes of Sky Force Reloaded

After a couple of weeks, Sky Force Reloaded finally got new update ... and it's huge! 
I'm saluting the developers who brought a lot of new stuffs added to the game which surely enhance the game experience in many aspects. These are several changes I noticed after the latest update:

Game App Icon
It's not so important, but firstly, say goodbye to the 'retro' Sky Force Icon. I've seen it coming since the previous update. The new app icon looks fresh and modern. I personally like this new icon more than the old one.

The new app icon looks much more modern than ever.

Prestige Points
New addition to the game.  It's a kind of achievement points. You could get points (in diamonds) after you achieved certain objectives, e.g. rescuing certain number of survivors, destroying boxes, upgrading weapons etc. The main purpose of prestige points is to enable players for unlocking the technicians, which will be explained below.

Prestige points in diamonds. Collect them to unlock the technicians.
This is probably the most exciting stuffs of the latest update. Technicians have special abilities which will provide the player (or I could say, pilot) with certain bonus during the level, e.g. additional stars, power-ups, fortune (?) etc. The more prestige points you have, the more technicians you can unlock. Similar with planes, you could choose the technicians before the level starts. So far, there are eight technicians with different abilities (I have unlocked only six of them).
  • Gringo Star (The Beatles?) : fills a random crate with a bunch of extra stars. Use him if you wants more points from stars.
  • Kate Brush: paints your first scratch, that's one more chance to stay untouched. Good for achieving "Stay Untouched" medal.
  • Burton Panic: has a few power-ups of his own. The life-saver in emergency situations, he will unleash random extra power-ups (laser, shield or mega bombs) automatically, especially when you get cornered by enemies.
  • Lucy Clover: brings good fortune (in all aspects). So far, I've noticed that she will greatly increase chance to get card, especially when Ace of Spade plane is used. Furthermore, the auto-shield activation (during critical time) will almost be guaranteed if you use her. 
  • Slo Mo Chan: slows down hostile bullets. Slo Mo Chan will creates some kind of  "Aura" in the beginning of a level. The slow down also affects EMP, make him the best technician for the stage 5.
  • Tase Mebro: strikes nearby enemies with a lightning bolt. Self explanatory. The lightning strikes however, have a quite short range. 
  • Holo Granny: deploys decoys on the field. Despite haven't unlocked her by myself yet, this one is pretty interesting. She will apply a kind of "kage-bunshin" on your plane.

The technicians (upper) and Slo Mo Chan's aura (lower).
Mini-Boss for Stage 12
The missing part of level 12 of previous update. I said mini-boss because it's basically not as strong as or as large as the "real" bosses in the game. Furthermore, no trophy provided after you defeat it. Nevertheless, it's quite annoying and hard to defeat, especially during insane level of stage 12.

Mini-boss of Level 12. Annoying.
Additional info on cards
It basically provides more detail information for cards you've collected.

Information for card #24 (Golden Last Card)
New tournament level
I haven't seen it since the tournament starts each weekends.

Minor changes on previous stages
I noticed there are more enemy planes in the beginning of stage 7 and 12, hence it becomes more difficult to have a perfect finish (destroy all enemies) on those stages.
Can't wait to see further updates of the game, especially for the anticipated stage 13 XD

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