Monday, December 7, 2015

Gunpla #25 - HGUC GM Custom Review


I've been looking for this kit for a long time, and after a brief search on internet, I finally found it at a hobby store in Jakarta, few weeks ago. GM Custom made its appearance on MS Gundam 0083 Stardust Memory OVA as a limited mass produced mobile suit of Earth Federation. The mobile suit designs on the OVA are by far my favorite among other UC time line. Just by looking at it, you can't deny the mobile suit's "badass aura", in spite of the fact that it's just a grunt suit. Since GM Custom is the predecessor of GM Quel, it looks very similar with the later, except for the colors and shoulder design.



The kit came with a beam rifle, shield, two beam sabers (only one could be mounted at the backpack) and seven types of hand. Yes, there are seven types of hand : two standard closed hands, one right hand for gripping the beam saber, two open palms, one trigger righ hand for holding the rifle and one special left hand for holding the rifle. The decals and stickers are also provided. Quite a lot for a HG. The details also great, as shown by the panel lines on the kit.


The articulation is quite limited, as you can expected from a HG kit, especially for the arms, legs and torso. This kit, however, still could do some cool poses :-)


This is the second kit that I tried to give custom decals and weathering after GM Striker and Ez-SR. For the decals, I used the original ones provided by the kit, as well as some waterslides from MG Zaku Cannon and several other custom decals. I could say that I'm satisfied with the decaling results. The weathering however, did not end successful. I originally planned to have some chipping effects on some corners of the mobile suit armors with enamel paint and Tamiya Weathering Set, but the lack of painting knowledge gave me a kind of awkward results. I should top coated the kit first before add the weathering. OK ... that's an invaluable experience.


My conclusion is, this kit is amazing, especially for the fans of 0083 OVA. It comes with lots of accessories and good decals. Yeah, the kit still has limited articulation, but it's not a big issue since it's a HG. After all, I'm satisfied and recommended this kit, for collectors or even for modelling enthusiasts.



RGM - 79N GM Custom

Pros :
  • Great design, quite detailed.
  • Lots of stuff (accessories and decals)
Cons :
  • Limited articulation
  • Sticker on the crotch (I hate it)  

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