Sunday, April 23, 2006

Shopping ... let's go shopping ...

It was a clear sunday. Yes it was .. at least until the midday.

I planned to go to some shopping centers of Serpong, in order to buy some books about VB6, and some game CDs. Unfortunately, when i went off, i had to walk to the front gate of puspiptek because there weren't any 'ojek's (a kind of motorcycle used like a taxi in indonesia). Besides, the weather changed so suddenly, and began to rain. So after withdrawing some money from bank, i took an 'angkot' (the same as ojek, but this is a van, not motorcycle) to the Pasar Serpong. It was a heavy rain, and i had to wait for a moment to get another 'angkot' to BSD ITC.
After i arrived to the ITC, i went to CD Seller to find CS Source Game. Darn .... it was sold outemoticon. The seller said that i had to order the game before. Forget it , i thought. I'll have to find it at another place. Maybe at Mangga dua or Glodok next week. Finally, i bought some CDs before leaving the CD seller. It were MSDN CDs and i spent about Rp.60.000 for all of them. The good point was, the money would be returned by my company, so i didn't have to spend my own money to buy the CDs emoticon. Leaving ITC, i went to Serpong WTC to buy some books at Gramedia Book Store.

At gramedia, i searched some books for VB6. I hoped that i could find a good one like "Mastering VB6" or at least the same type as "VB6 Step-by-Step", i meant, the books were imported from foreign country but re-translated in Bahasa Indonesia, so it was published by a wellknown publishers like Microsoft Press etc. But i could not find any of them. So i bought another books of VB that seem to be interesting to read.

After 2 hours of shopping, i return to the base ... oops ... i meant, return to geostech emoticon


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