Monday, May 7, 2018

Gunpla #35 - HGGO Gundam FSD + Long-range Beam Rifle Prototype Review

This kit is basically an upgrade of Gundam Local Type North American Version. If you check the package, it's obvious that Bandai just added one extra runner for the mini gattling gun, big shield, ammo drum and some body parts. The rest of the accessories are from local type. It's quite a greedy business strategy by Bandai, since they just provide the original beam rifle with Heavy Gundam which is a p-bandai, and long-range beam rifle which is a special-limited bonus from Gundam Ace manga magazine.

Since this kit is actually identical with local type (except for the chest and waist parts), I won't talk about articulation. Anyway, one of the best reason to buy this kit is probably the spare parts. You'll get ALL part and accessory from the local type, which means, you can choose making gundam FSD, original local type or the north american type, or if you can also mash those kits as you like. Unfortunately, the sticker decals are just enough for the new parts of FSD, thus you can't add some markings for the extra parts/accessories.

Now, let's talk about the gun. Not the puny machine gun of local type, but that BIG long-range beam rifle prototype from Gundam Ace magazine. The weapon is one of the original weapons of FSD as depicted on Origin MSD manga, and it's designed by the famous Katoki Hajime.

That big beam rifle had two barrels and could be extended (if you buy more than 1 magazine, of course). It also could switch into a kind of ordinary beam rifle and beam 'pistol' if you remove the barrels. The gun also has attachment for the backpack and shield (the one with stance).

It's a badass big gun, but as you may expect, it's also heavy, and that means, it will be hard to pose  the gun with the gundam kit. I found the flimsy hands of HG kits (not just FSD) were struggling to hold the gun properly, especially for the trigger handle. Luckily, there's an option to move handle to the back side of the gun, hence making it easier for posing. Furthermore, the mini gattling gun is on the way while posing the big gun, thus it's better to detach the gattling gun before putting the long range beam rifle.

Overall, I'm quite satisfied with these kits, and I recommend it for everybody who wants to try the HG kits from the Origin series. If you're confused to choose between FSD, local type or north american local type, I suggest you to choose FSD since you'll get all parts from the previous gundams to make either one of them, or a custom one.


RX-78-01 [FSD]

- All parts from previous gundams included
- Badass color scheme and markings

- The original weapons are limited release (p-bandai and gundam ace magazine)

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