Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Gunpla #22 - MG Blitz Gundam Review

Finally, The Blitz, the original black Gundam of Gundam SEED and my fourth master grade kit. Believe it or not, I spent almost one year to finish this guy. I finished building it in August 2013, anyway I was occupied with my job hence I felt too lazy to complete linings and decaling on Blitz. However, I could complete it finally, after I watched Mobile Suit Unicorn eps.7. Let's say, Banshee Gundam on the OVA inspired me to complete the Blitz.

And .. here we got the Blitz. This mobile suit was probably the 'sexiest' of all GAT-X brothers. Piloted by Nicole Almafi of ZAFT, the Blitz was intended to be the stealth master of all mobile suits. Using its Mirage colloid stealth system, this thing could penetrate any enemy bases without any traces detected. Mostly utilized short range weaponry, the Blitz was the complete opposite of its brother unit, Buster, which specialized on long range attacks. 

Back to the kit, I could say, I'm happy with the builds. The color scheme is just perfect. The combination of black, red, yellow, purple and white were great to emphasize the stealth theme of Blitz. And of course, because of it's almost black, I have no any difficulties to the linings. And I have to mention about the eyes of Blitz, the blue eyes looks evil and menacing. I like it. The joints were strong and tight, hence the articulation was also good. You got 'small' gimmicks for the shoulder which depicts the stealth mode of Blitz.  The dry transfer decals were fine, but sadly, the clear stickers were terrible, hence I decide to use mostly on decals than stickers. 

For accessories, you got a very big Trikeros shield, a beam saber (with two beam blades), three lancer darts, and the infamous Gleipnir grappling 'claw'. The weapon set was just unique, while other mobile suits use shield on the left and the main weapons on the right, Blitz utilized the opposite system. Anyway, I honestly could say, I'm not a big fan of the weapons. Seriously, why use lancer darts in battles while you could guns, laser or beam weapons ? If you watched SEED, you will understand what I said when Blitz was destroyed by Strike. Anyway, my favorite thing about the Blitz's weapons was the claw, obviously. It's so cool !

My final thoughts about the Blitz, as well as any other remastered of SEEDs MG kits, this is a very very good kit. The color scheme is nice, the accessories are just cool and the articulation just fine. The most annoying thing was a piece of top chest armor which looks fragile and keeps falling down. But, anyway, Blitz still one of my favorite suits on Gundam SEED.


GAT-X207 Blitz Gundam

Pros :
  • Unique color scheme, especially when you like black mobile suits.
  • Cool weapons system
  • Stiff joints and good articulation
Cons :
  • Some parts look fragile and keep falling down, especially the top chest armor.
  • The peg connector of trikeros cable was quite weak to support the weight of the claw.
  • Lancert darts were not tightly placed under the shields, thus tend to fall whenever on of them was pulled out.

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