Monday, April 15, 2013

Gunpla - #13 - HGUC Loto Twin Set Review

Loto, the smallest of HGUC kits. I wonder that's why Bandai gave us two in one box. I saw Loto for the first time while reading Gundam Unicorn manga, then the OVA,  and I was immediately interested with the design. At the first glance, it's obvious that Loto is a descendant of the classic Guntank of the original MSG. The main feature of Loto that's differentiates it from the previous ancestors is the transformation capability from tank mode to mobile suit mode. This is not only the smallest, but also my first transformable kit, hence I adore it very much. I like the blocky design of EFSF's mobile suit, the military looks and of course the ability to transform :-)

The box contains 6 runners (3 runners for each unit), a manual and a sticker sheet. For me, the big surprise was the kit did not contain any policaps which usually used for the joints. The building process itself was quite fast, around 3-4 hours for 1 unit. However, because the parts were so small, it took longer for me in order to finished the first unit. After that, I could finish the second unit much faster. I also added some remaining number stickers ("01" and "02") from my Jesta to add military theme to the kit. For the accessories, you'll get 2 cannons (for each unit), 2 machine cannons, two beam burners (for each unit), and 2 machine guns. These weapons, of course, could be exchangeable between the two units. Because this kit uses missile launcher instead of hands, there are no beam sabers included.

The transformation was quite simple and straight forward. The good thing was, there are no parts swapping. It's really fun to see these two units in the different mode together :-) 

As a small kit, Loto has quite good articulation, especially for hand and shoulder. However, the feet are not quite free enough to move. I supposed the main reason for this was the absence of the polycaps. Anyway, the kits still could have many cool poses. The main flaws of this kit are the weak joints, especially for the waist-lower body connection and knee joints.  The waist for example, tended to fall frequently when I lifted the kits. Fortunately, it's strong enough to withstand the impact with my room floor, hence there were no broken parts. On the other hand, the knee joints were very fragile. Sometimes, it just detached by itself from the feet. I read several review on internet that some modeler accidentally broke the knee joints during transformation. I have no problem so far for my kits though, but I decided not to transform it too many times to avoid the same accident. Therefore, I made the first unit in the tank mode, and the second in the MS mode :-)

Overall, despite the weak joints it possessed, Loto is a worthy unit to be collected, especially for the grunts and Feddie's MS lover as me. You just should be careful during the building and transforming the kit to avoid the accidents :-)


D - 50C Loto

Pros :
  • Cool blocky and militaristic design.
  • It could transform between tank and MS. 
  • You got 2 units in one box, and tons of accessories, with a reasonable market price.
Cons :
  • The lower body part tends to fall due to weak connection with the waist. Glue should be a help.
  • Fragile knee joints due the absence of policaps. Vulnerable to be broken, if you're not careful.
  • Very small parts and very difficult to stand in MS mode due to small feet.

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